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Neo - White Gloss
Expression - Contempary Design
White Gloss
Accord - Dust Grey Gloss
Expression - Contempary Design
Dust Grey Gloss
Willow - Painted in Dust Grey & Light Grey
Artisan - Shaker Style
Painted in Dust Grey & Light Grey

About Us

Virtu - The Art of Living
PJH - Together we're better

About PJH

Virtu is a kitchen brand which is part of PJH.

Since 1972 we have sourced and supplied kitchens and appliances to our
customers throughout the UK to independent retailers.

PJH Group is part of the Globe Union group of companies with offices in
7 countries across 3 continents, giving us the stability which gives our customers confidence
that we’ll be here this year, next year and into the future, supporting their success for the long-term.

Over the last four decades we have changed the way that our customers think about product
and service delivery, including creating new brands and concepts, and bringing leading brands
and cutting-edge innovations to the market, to become the UK’s largest provider.


Impacting Our World

One of the ways in which we’ve been able to have a meaningful impact on product
development has also resulted in a positive impact on our world.

Our kitchens solutions enable you to “change the doors, not the kitchen®”, and our cabinets are
made from high quality board constructed from reclaimed wood offcuts within manufacturing facilities,
both of which contribute to reducing the carbon impact for the lifetime of the product.

Our kitchen furniture includes materials that are FSC® certified,
meaning they come from verified sources that are managed to meet the social,
economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

And when it comes to appliances and lighting, we know that an ‘A’ energy rating
or above is good for the environment, and good for your pocket, and with our great
range of LED lighting solutions you can making lighting a real feature of your kitchen
without worrying about high energy usage.

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